About Sinnocence


What would life be like without sin? Would it be worth living?

We are convinced that man cannot act against his nature. Nothing human is alien to us. This includes everything we have described so far with the word "sin": Sin as the scourge of humanity; sin as the expression of moral decay.


Have you ever thought about what is actually meant by this?

Everything that is bad is understood as a sin. Who defines it? Centuries-old traditions and customs can no longer dictate what is sinful. A modern and enlightened society demands a living space that is free of moral condemnation. This includes turning away from moral categorization. Everything deeply human that has been judged sinful and bad must be rethought. If we normalize "sinning" and take away its negative connotation, we disempower a social construct that has hitherto oppressed human beings.

In doing so, we arrive at freedom. We stop judging ourselves and our fellow human beings. We lose the fear of not being able to withstand moral scrutiny.


What if we could wash ourselves clean of our sins and thereby still bring about good?

Get rid of what you feel morally crushed by. Accept your human nature and disposition. Feel the moral burden fall from your shoulder. In doing so, choose which charitable organization to support through your sin. Sins are an infinite resource on this planet. Why shouldn't we use them and draw good from them?

Achieve a balance: the price you pay for your sin is given proportionately to a charitable cause.